Ricardo Martins

He competed as a professional surfer in the 80s, having an expressive performance in several circuits. Always obsessed with surfing, he created together with Joca Secco and Luis Ferreira the HIDROJETS, a brand that would reveal excellent athletes and would become one of the best surfboard factories in the 80's and 90's. Determined to create excellent surfboard design, he sought to sharpen his work, shaping in Australia, Japan, and Europe in an endless exchange of information with the best shapers in the countries where he worked.

The quest for the quality and precision of the design of the boards makes Ricardo nowadays sought by athletes from all over Brasil and the world to develop their "magic boards".
This intense exchange of information is totally passed on to customer boards, leading Ricardo to be considered the best national shaper and one of the best in the world. The production processes used are the same, both for athletes 'and clients' boards.

Currently, Ricardo has a team of international athletes.
These test drivers are always providing information to him and many see Ricardo as a second father, a guru, because his relationship with athletes goes beyond the supply of equipment. His sport-obsessed athlete and shaper record makes him one of the most important characters in the history of national surfing. Those who talk with Ricardo can see the clarity of a person who sees beyond his time, a true visionary. All this sum of accumulated experiences and this eternal pursuit for the improvement of the boards are reverted in a better customer service that, in addition to having a personalized board, will know that in it is added a whole philosophy of quality, performance and improvement of its equipment.